The Long Island Museum of Science & Technology (LIMSAT)

“Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers.”


The Long Island Museum of Science & Technology, LIMSAT, is a work in progress - Long Island, New York’s “hands-on” science and technology museum - our unique version of hundreds of such places throughout the world. LIMSAT strives to be a leader in E-learning (see LIMSAT wins Unisys Award in Online Science Education), with a key emphasis on showing how Long Island companies turn science into technology. Our main goal is to excite and enrich young people, some of whom will be inspired to fill the regional 21st Century need for a technologically skilled workforce and become beneficiaries of our science economy’s rebirth. Vulcania dans la chaine des volcans d’Auvergne will have important links to Long Island’s other science centers and institutions. Our entire region will benefit. This enterprise will be big and first-rate and we and our children will enjoy it, learn from it, and be proud of it. The plan calls for LIMSAT’s main facility to be located next to the Cradle of Aviation museum at Mitchel Center in Nassau County. Present plans call for a LIMSAT Demonstration Site at Museum Row to open by the end of 2024 accessible through the existing Reckson Visitor’s Center with its IMAX Dome Theater. These features join the Long Island Children’s Museum at the West End of the complex, with construction of our multi-story building to begin five years later. The beginning of LIMSAT Hosts the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame, our first public presence at Mitchel Field, can be seen today on the Third Floor of the Reckson Visitor Center.

Our organization consists of volunteers including a distinguished Board of Directors who are giving their time, energy, talents - and money - to make it happen. LIMSAT was chartered to operate as a museum in 1997. Shortly thereafter, we built and tested a “Preview LIMSAT” – a grass-roots start-up museum at Kings Park, in Suffolk County. That facility was closed to prepare for a larger Phase II operation at Mitchel Field in Garden City.

The Preview LIMSAT…

In the mid-90’s, the Superintendent of the Kings Park Schools (Suffolk County, New York) and the Kings Park School Board offered the friends of LIMSAT the use of two classrooms (about 1,500 sq.ft.), at the R.J. Osgood Administration Center Complex, for a start-up, or preview version, of the Long Island Museum of Science and Technology. This facility served as an exhibit development and test center, a training center for local students wishing to learn how to be volunteer “explainers” to museum visitors, and a super-resource to area school science and technology programs. We plan to have communication links between our main facility (when completed) and other technology centers.

Colorful Exhibits

Drug Discovery Robot

Who wouldn’t want a robot around to help you with the chores? When the chore is finding safe and effective new drugs keep people well, we can use the help even more. That’s exactly the kind of robot LIMSAT-at-Mitchel Field will have this fall thanks to our good friends at Long Island-based OSI Pharmaceuticals, an innovative leader in the discovery,
development and commercialization of drugs to fight cancer.

At LIMSAT, we highlight the versatility of robotic components by showing how the same robot can also challenge you at games of skill and accomplish many other tasks.

Light Mixing

 An example of an informal exhibit that was at our Kings Park site is based upon scientific principles of color mixture. These principles form the basis for an important Long Island technology, which can be found in many manufacturing plants, as well as in your local paint store. It is common for a person to walk in to one of these modern stores and ask for paint of a certain color, to match a sample. The response of the sales person will be slightly different in different stores. In one, a can of a base paint will have different color “tints” added by a skilled sales person until a visual match is obtained. In a more sophisticated store, a computer might analyze the color sample and then program a paint mixing machine to automatically add the appropriate colors.
Either way, what we see is the result of color mixing. At preview LIMSAT, you will be able to personally experience color mixing (lights, not paints!) on a wall. Those familiar with the process of paint mixing are often amazed to see that light mixing sometimes obtains a very different outcome. For example, if you mix all lights together evenly you get pure white light, yet if you mix all paints together, the result is closer to black. The reason is that with light mixing you are adding more light, while in paint mixing you are subtracting light. However, when we use light we can also demonstrate the subtractive process by blocking certain lights while allowing others through. The principles of light mixing are important in the theater. Optics is a rich and complex subject, a science for hundreds of years, and still the nature of light has not yet been fully revealed. For a glimpse of other surprising light mixing results, come down and see us.

Theremin: The Foundation of Electronic Music

Leon Theremin lived the conflicted life of a Soviet Scientist. Nevertheless his undisputed role in science began with being the father of electronic music and the endlessly fascinating instrument that bears his name. LIMSAT is proud to present one of the many variations of that instrument. Along with color mixing, this is our second exhibit where interaction is through the air itself. The Theremin, you see, is played by interrupting the energy fields around it with your hands. This, the original “air guitar,” was found to produce sounds so strange that no work of early science fiction on film would be without it. And yet there are Theremin virtuosos that produce concert music as well. The playing of Clara Rockmore was never equaled, the Theremin took the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” to mega-hit status, and the versatile instrument was used again most recently to mimic a violin sound on NBC television’s Saturday Night Live on Saturday January 13, 2001. You will need much practice before you join the virtuoso ranks. But first you have to try a Theremin to believe it. We suggest you begin at LIMSAT.

The Concave Mirror

Can your mirror at home do this? Concave surfaces like this mirror are bowed in towards the center. Not only is there distortion caused by the odd angles, but it drives the light to a focal point. When you step back beyond its focal point, the light rays cross each other and the image flips!

LIMSAT Radiation Exhibit Gets New Look

Our very interesting exhibit about the natural sources of radiation has gotten a new look…thanks to Graphic Designer, Jennifer Zimmet. Jennifer re-did the graphics in a very appealing cartoon style, helped us add some new info pictures and, best of all, did it for LIMSAT on a volunteer basis! The exhibit, ‘Learn About Radiation and Radioactivity’ is based on a unit developed at the BNL Science Museum (Brookhaven National Laboratory). An interesting, hands-on exhibit, you can discover lots about natural and man-made radiation that is surprising…(the most surprising discovery is the radiation (from polonium) in cigarettes!). Geiger counter is used to ‘hear’ particle decay in sand, sidewalk salt and…even that red Fiestaware from the early 1930s. Besides being a LIMSAT museum exhibit, ‘Learn About Radiation and Radioactivity’ travels to special events around Long island.

Become a LIMSAT Volunteer

Volunteers Under Age 55, and Internship Applicants
(or those volunteers over age 55 who are residing outside of Nassau County)

Call (516) 390-5174 or email for information about the organization and how to help. Note: the minimum student internship requires a commitment of 100 hours or more.

 Volunteers Age 55 or Over–
Special Opportunity For Those Residing in Nassau County
In Nassau County, the Department of Senior Citizen Affairs offers individuals 55 and older volunteer opportunities at over 100 locations throughout Nassau County through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Special benefits are available if you contact LIMSAT through RSVP. Please call (516) 572-0800.

1 Davis Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530

Membership Benefits

Meanwhile, if you wish to add your name to our mailing list please write or call:
1 Davis Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 390-5174
or email

Help Make It Happen

If you believe, as we do, that a major science center is crucial for the educational and economic survival of Long Island please write to your congressperson, and let us know that you did! Thank you.


A number of business organizations (listed below) and individuals have made important donations to LIMSAT.

We also have received individual donations of electronic test equipment, some amateur radio equipment, and many other much appreciated gifts-in-kind.

We are seeking Corporate assistance and/or sponsorship of several hands-on exhibits which represent Long Island Sciences and Technologies. Some areas of active interest are: environmental technologies - (including water purity, waste management, wetlands, etc.), marine sciences, multi-modal vehicle tracking, bar coding, computer sciences and virtual imaging, MRI technologies, communications, health care related sciences and bio-engineering (including hearing sciences), virtual helicopter ride over Long Island with selected “landing sites.” If you can help, please contact us as soon as possible.


Financial Support (Other than State and Federal funding) :

In-Kind Support has included–

We would like to thank all who contributed including volunteers who gave us their valuable time. For immediate information on how you can support us through financial or in-kind contributions, please call Director Ben Parris at (516) 390-5174 or E-Mail


For the first public presence within Museums at Mitchel, LIMSAT became permanent host and curator to the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame, with its initial set up on the Third Floor of the Reckson Visitor Center. The first stage of this display is now complete and open for viewing at no charge. It is a decorative reading wall, showing the accomplishments of Tech Hall of Fame inductees. The visiting hours and days are the same as those listed for the Cradle of Aviation
Monday - Closed; Tuesday - 10 am to 2 pm; Wednesday through Sunday - 10 am to 5 pm; Mondays that fall on Holidays the Reckson Center is open 9:30–5:00. Again, this is to see Long Island Technology Hall of Fame plaque wall only.
See also, News.

The mailing address is:
Reckson Visitor’s Center
Museums at Mitchel
1 Davis Avenue,
Garden City, NY 11530

LIMSAT’s Main Exhibit Hall for its second phase of expansion is currently scheduled to open by the end of 2024. Hangar Two, in which the exhibit hall will be housed, has been refurbished. For special events and the location of outreach events in the interim, see calendar. For general information, you may call 516-390-5174.

Calendar of Current and Upcoming LIMSAT Events

LIMSAT has taken the first step in reopening its physical facility, this time in Mitchel Field, Garden City, NY. Our first public presence at Mitchel features LIMSAT as Host of The Long Island Technology Hall of Fame, begun on the Third Floor of the Reckson Visitor Center on Charles Lindberg Blvd., one block west of Earl Ovington Blvd. near the Nassau Coliseum and Nassau Community College.

Reckson Visitor’s Center
Museums at Mitchel
1 Davis Avenue,
Garden City, NY 11530
In the meantime watch for LIMSAT’s special events and outreach program below. If you wish to set up your own events with LIMSAT, or if you have questions on a scheduled event call (516) 390-5174.

We wish to thank the proud sponsors of our previous events and event centers, all of whom have supported or hosted a LIMSAT-related activity:

American Merchant Marine Museum
Birch School
Bryant Public Library
Chatterton School
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Elmont Public Library
Elwood Middle School
Farmingdale High School
Freeport Memorial Library
Freeport Recreation Center
Garden City Hotel

Hofstra University
Huntington Hilton
Island Park Public Library
Jericho Public Library
Long Beach Public Library
Long Island University/ C.W. Post
Nassau Community College
Port Washington Public Library
R.J. Osgood Middle School
SUNY Farmingdale


LIMSAT at Tech Fest! Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 19, 20, and 21. 3,200 visitors played or watched Mindball, the game that pits brainwaves of two or more players against each other to push a ball into the endzone.

[June 29, 2024] LIMSAT awards achievement plaque at Northrop Grumman Corporation to Phil Teel, whose promotion takes him back to the Mid-West:
“To Philip A. Teel in recognition of your outstanding initiative in the enhancement of science and technology education on Long Island and your leadership in promoting the establishment of the Long Island Museum of Science & Technology.”

[April 27, 2024]
The LIMSAT-initiated Museums at Mitchel Astronomy Space Day, 12N - 4 PM, was a record-breaking attendance success.
Activity Description for LIMSAT: What’s so hard about programming a robot? Plenty. Robots have a hard time doing the things humans do every day. Play the robot programming game. Be the robot, be the programmer, be the program! Anyone can do it. Educational and hilarious. Location: Reckson Center Atrium- Hangar 2 on 1st floor. 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM & 3:00 PM.

[June 2024] Held Second Annual LIMSAT Young Scientists Awards

[January 2, 2024] LIMSAT’s Solar System Ambassador Interviews NASA: Stardust and Spirit Rover Latest Triumphs. With this event, LIMSAT began supporting a NASA media effort providing live interview broadcasts on NASA TV.

[October 22, 2024] At a private dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting, the Long Island Museum of Science & Technology unveiled LIMSAT Hosts the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame, a partnership with Stony Brook University and LISTnet in which LIMSAT is the curatorial institution.

Along with the main attraction, we borrowed educational displays from Northrop Grumman Corporation and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a preview of what is to come next. We gathered those who had the most to do with LIMSAT and the LI Tech Hall of Fame but we thank everyone for making it possible! It was the first modest step in the physical presence of the Hall of Fame and the first view of LIMSAT at Mitchel Field.

We were honored to have Dr. James D. Watson as our Keynote Speaker, Philip A. Teel of Northrop Grumman, LIMSAT Chairman Morton L. Certilman of Certilman Balin, and LIFT President C. Kenneth Morrelly in his role as the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Steering Committee. Rich Kruse of Kruse Public Relations, and also a LIMSAT Board Member, did an outstanding job of emceeing the event.

All are welcome to come see the inductee display wall on the Third Floor of the Reckson Visitor Center on Charles Lindbergh Blvd. just North and West of the Nassau Coliseum.

(Stephen Barre, Arthur Rossoff, Morton Certilman, Dr. James D. Watson, Benjamin Parris, and Richard Kruse at the ribbon cutting ceremony)

[June 26, 2024] We are proud to announce that our Museums at Mitchel Astronomy and Space Day activities of May 10, 2024 won Honorable Mention in the Sky and Telescope Awards.

[June 23, 2024] The final report on LIMSAT’s project for International Public Science Day 2024 is now available.

[June 6, 2024] Scroll down a bit on the online version of Long Island Business News and you will see the first reference to LIMSAT’s new capital campaign to build LIMSAT Phase II at the Museums at Mitchel.

[June 5, 2024] LIMSAT held its First Annual LIMSAT Young Scientists Awards, at which 133 high school students from all over Long Island were honored for excellence in science and engineering challenges from Intel, Westinghouse, and the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI and founder of Fonar, Inc., gave an inspiring Keynote Speech. Bob Klein of Northrup Grumman and Joseph Battaglia of Telephonics distributed gifts while Melanie Krieger, President of the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair, read off the names and schools and congratulated each winner in person. We invite all winners who could not appear in person and missed the group photo to send in smaller group or individual photos that we can post on our website.

[May 10, 2024] Established First Annual Museums at Mitchel Astronomy and Space Day. LIMSAT Director Benjamin Parris and former CEO of Grumman Data Systems, Gerald Sandler, presented Planet Quest: NASA’s Search for Another Earth.

Hurricane Floyd Plays Havoc on the Charts


NAME:LIMSAT-KP CITY:Kings Park STATE:New York LAT:N40°53.270’ LONG:W73°15.209’

               TEMPERATURE (_F), RAIN  (in), WIND SPEED (mph)

                                  HEAT  COOL        AVG
MEAN                              DEG   DEG         WIND                 DOM

1 38.2 47.0 1:30p 29.3 5:30a 26.8 0.0 0.01 2.6 23.0 1:00p SW
2 48.4 58.0 1:30p 37.7 12:30a 17.2 0.0 0.01 4.6 27.0 9:30p SW
3 54.0 63.6 2:00p 49.0 8:30p 8.7 0.0 0.00 3.4 19.0 5:30a WSW
4 54.0 57.9 7:00p 47.7 12:00m 12.2 0.0 1.03 9.1 44.0 3:00p SW
5 36.0 47.7 12:30a 28.7 12:00m 26.8 0.0 0.14 4.9 24.0 6:30a NW
6 32.2 40.5 3:30p 23.0 6:30a 33.3 0.0 0.00 2.2 16.0 1:30p S
7 39.1 47.9 12:30p 31.8 1:00a 25.2 0.0 0.00 4.0 29.0 4:00p NW
8 33.4 38.4 3:00p 28.9 7:00a 31.3 0.0 0.00 2.9 18.0 1:00a NW
9 42.7 51.8 1:30p 33.0 12:30a 22.6 0.0 0.00 3.3 17.0 2:30a WSW
10 47.3 56.4 5:30p 41.5 1:30a 16.0 0.0 0.66 6.4 36.0 6:00p SE
11 46.8 52.5 12:30p 39.9 12:00m 18.8 0.0 0.00 8.3 48.0 12:30p W
12 40.5 44.5 3:30p 35.4 11:00p 25.0 0.0 0.00 5.0 29.0 1:00a NW
13 30.1 36.4 2:30a 18.1 12:00m 37.8 0.0 0.00 5.3 24.0 9:30p N
14 16.5 20.6 2:30p 12.8 8:00a 48.3 0.0 0.00 7.3 29.0 10:00a NNW
15 17.9 22.6 12:00m 12.8 7:00a 47.3 0.0 0.00 1.5 15.0 1:00a N
16 35.3 44.2 2:00p 21.9 12:00m 32.0 0.0 0.00 7.4 32.0 4:30p NW
17 11.0 21.9 12:30a 6.6 12:00m 50.8 0.0 0.00 9.4 33.0 7:00a N
18 11.6 17.0 4:30p 4.2 4:30a 54.4 0.0 0.00 5.0 18.0 12:30a N
19 17.9 25.9 4:00p 10.3 6:30a 46.9 0.0 0.00 2.7 17.0 1:30p N
20 21.4 25.8 1:00p 16.7 3:00a 43.8 0.0 0.00 4.4 18.0 3:30p NE
21 15.6 23.2 1:30a 8.4 11:30p 49.2 0.0 0.00 8.3 39.0 8:00p NW
22 12.8 18.8 4:00p 7.3 7:30a 52.0 0.0 0.00 6.0 29.0 1:30a NW
23 20.3 25.9 8:30p 11.9 4:30a 46.1 0.0 0.00 2.3 11.0 9:00p ENE
24 28.7 36.0 2:30p 23.4 4:30a 35.3 0.0 0.00 2.8 17.0 12:00m NE
25 28.5 30.7 12:30a 24.1 12:00m 37.6 0.0 0.04 7.2 29.0 9:00a NE
26 25.0 29.7 4:00p 20.6 11:30p 39.8 0.0 0.06 0.0 0.0 9:30a —
27 16.2 20.6 12:30a 11.8 11:30p 48.8 0.0 0.00 4.9 25.0 7:30p NW
28 15.6 22.7 4:00p 8.7 7:00a 49.3 0.0 0.00 6.7 30.0 6:30a NW
29 23.9 33.7 3:30p 16.5 7:00a 39.9 0.0 0.00 3.4 14.0 12:00p N
30 29.5 37.8 12:00m 17.8 7:30a 37.2 0.0 0.03 1.5 21.0 12:00m W
31 34.3 43.2 3:30a 28.6 12:00m 29.1 0.0 0.27 6.4 27.0 2:30p W

29.8  63.6     3     4.2    18  1089.3   0.0  2.25   4.8  48.0    11      NW

Max >= 90.0: 0
Max <= 32.0: 13
Min <= 32.0: 24
Min <= 0.0: 0
Max Rain: 1.03 ON 1/04/00
Days of Rain: 7 (>.01 in) 4 (>.1 in) 1 (>1 in)
Heat Base: 65.0 Cool Base: 65.0 Method: (High + Low) / 2


NAME:LIMSAT-KP CITY:Kings Park STATE:New York LAT:N40°53.270’LONG:W73°15.209’

           TEMPERATURE (°F), HEAT BASE 65.0, COOL BASE 65.0
                      DEP.  HEAT  COOL 
    MEAN  MEAN        FROM  DEG   DEG                        MAX  MAX  MIN  MIN 


99 1 53.0 15.6 33.0 0.0 991 0 59.8 24 9.3 2 0 7 24 0
99 2 48.6 20.3 35.3 0.0 833 0 53.7 12 13.8 23 0 3 17 0
99 3 59.0 23.5 39.7 0.0 766 0 72.4 31 15.8 8 0 1 15 0
99 4 64.2 40.7 50.1 0.0 431 0 78.6 8 34.7 5 0 0 0 0
99 5 73.1 52.1 59.7 0.0 170 21 86.2 30 41.4 1 0 0 0 0
99 6 82.8 60.2 69.9 0.0 19 179 93.2 7 52.1 11 1 0 0 0
99 7 89.5 66.1 77.1 0.0 0 391 98.2 6 56.6 14 11 0 0 0
99 8 83.1 63.9 73.1 0.0 1 159 94.1 1 59.4 30 1 0 0 0
99 9 75.4 53.8 66.8 0.0 36 97 80.8 6 50.0 23 0 0 0 0
99 10 65.9 46.3 54.7 0.0 358 2 72.8 3 -25.8 6 0 0 1 1
99 11 60.8 29.4 48.9 0.0 465 0 71.8 10 23.1 30 0 0 3 0
99 12 55.8 21.5 39.1 0.0 789 0 61.4 5 17.2 25 0 3 13 0

    67.6  41.1  54.0   0.0  4857   849  98.2 JUL -25.8  OCT   13   14   73    1


99 1 10.06 0.00 4.69 3 11 7 3
99 2 4.78 0.00 2.02 2 9 5 2
99 3 4.58 0.00 1.26 22 14 13 1
99 4 1.74 0.00 0.39 23 10 5 0
99 5 3.60 0.00 1.37 19 8 6 2
99 6 1.44 0.00 0.49 29 6 4 0
99 7 1.04 0.00 0.41 22 9 3 0
99 8 3.84 0.00 1.97 26 6 5 1
99 9 8.81 0.00 3.42 16 10 9 3
99 10 3.27 0.00 0.71 20 9 7 0
99 11 4.38 0.00 2.35 2 7 3 1
99 12 3.15 0.00 0.84 6 11 7 0

   50.69  0.00  4.69  JAN  110   74   13

Weather Assembly

Another Weather Assembly for RJO Fifth Graders

[February 9, 2001] For the second year in a row, Meteorologist Victor Cassella from Brookhaven National Laboratory starred in an Assembly Program at the Ralph J Osgood School. Fifth graders were treated to viewing of satellite pictures of hurricanes, and specifically, the Perfect Storm, and had a birds eye view of the eye of a hurricane! Students asked some interesting questions, like can a blizzard and a hurricane happen at the same time, and what is the most dangerous type of storm? Mr. Cassella brought along an airvane (which costs about $30,000) and passed it around for students to see. Other weather gathering equipment was demonstrated and the students heard about some very firece weather conditions from the past. Some cool facts: the height of the snow on Long Island has not changed since the students parents were kids!; we’ve had more snow this year than the past few years; Long Island gets plenty of nor’ easters; and Hurricane Gloria in 1960 had winds that reached 110 miles per hour! It seemed that all the fifth graders enjoyed the program and learned more interesting facts about unusual weather. Thanks again to Victor Cassella for a great program!

BNL Meteorologist Speaks to 5th Graders

Thanks to LIMSAT, the fifth graders at the Ralph J. Osgood School, Kings Park, were treated to a special Assembly about the Weather! Brookhaven National Laboratory Meteorologist Victor Cassella visited the school on March 24th at the invitation of LIMSAT - Kings Park Director of Operations Janet Tempel. Cassella is a member of the Speakers Bureau at BNL and often does in-school presentations about BNL’s Meteorology Department and how weather data is tracked and recorded. Bringing with him a number of cool pieces of equipment, like an anemometer, he captured the attention of the students as he described his job as a Meteorologist. During his presentation, Cassella talked about Barometric Pressure, which is part of the weather report students give each morning using the LIMSAT Weather Station in the museum. Here are some cool pictures on a hot topic… the weather! Thanks, Victor!